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Meet the real "Happiness" Coca-Cola | Kidnappings, torture, water draining (Sao Paulo)

"Thank you for sharing happiness", says in the latest announcement of Coca-Cola (in Spanish), but looking closely it appears that the happiness of Coca-Cola shares very little. If you think not, ask the workers of the factories that the multinational plans to close now in the Spanish State or the persecuted trade unionists, and some even kidnapped and tortured in Colombia, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, Nicaragua or communities of India left without water after the company's output. Not to mention the poor quality of its ingredients and the impact on our health.
Every second they consume 18,500 cans or bottles of Coca-Cola in the world, according to data from the company.The Coca-Cola empire sells its 500 brands in over 200 countries. Who would ensure that the John S. Pemberton, when in 1886, produced as successful potion in a small pharmacy Atlanta. Today, however, the multinational longer sells only one but more beverage. Through multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, Coca-Cola sells us something as desired as "happiness", "the spark of life" or "a smile". However, not your Instituto de la Felicidad [or the Happiness Factory, in Portuguese] is able to hide all the pain that causes the company. Your resume social and labor abuses runs as its soft drinks, whole planet.
Now it's time the Spanish State. The Company has just announced a reorganization that involves the closure of four of its eleven factories, the dismissal of 1,250 workers and the replacement of other 500. A measure that, according to the multinational, is taken "by organizational and productive causes." On the contrary, a statement from the union federation CCOO denies this information and points out that the company has huge profits of around EUR 900 million and a turnover of over 3 billion euros.
Bad business practices are as global as your brand. In Colombia, since 1990, eight employees of Coca-Cola were murdered by paramilitary and other 65 received death threats, according to "El informe alternative to Coca-Cola" War on Want organization. The Colombian union Sinaltrainal denounced the multinational behind these actions. In 2001, the Sinaltrainal through the International Labor Rights Fund and the United Steel Workers Union, could bring the United States a lawsuit against the company for these cases. In 2003, the court dismissed the petition claiming that the murders took place outside the United States. The campaign Sinaltrainal, anyway, had already achieved much support.
The abuse trail of Coca-Cola is almost in every corner of the planet where it is present
We found the trail of abuse of Coca-Cola in virtually every corner of the planet where it is present. In Pakistan, in 2001, several factory workers of Punjab were fired for protesting and attempts to organize its workers in Lahore, Gujranwala Faisal and clashed with the opposition of the multinational and administration. In Turkey, its employees, in 2005, denounced the Coca-Cola by intimidation and torture and to use a special section of police for these purposes. In Nicaragua, the same year, the Unified Workers Union (Sutec) accused the multinational of not allowing the trade union and threaten redundancies. And we find similar cases in Guatemala, Russia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Panama. One of the main attempts to coordinate an international denunciation campaign against Coca-Cola was in 2002 when trade unions in Colombia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and the Philippines jointly denounced the repression suffered by their union at Coca-Cola and the threat of kidnappings and murders they received.
It is worth noting that the company is not only known for its labor abuses but also the social and ecological impact of their practices. As the company itself acknowledges, "Coca-Cola is the company's hydration. Without water, there is no business. " And where is installed, it sucks water to the last drop. In fact, to produce a liter of Coca-Cola, it takes three liters of water. And not only for drinking but also for washing bottles, machines ... Water is subsequently discarded as contaminated water, with the consequent loss of the environment. To quench your thirst one bottler of Coca-Cola can get to consume up to one million liters of water per day, the company unilaterally take control of aquifers that supply local communities leaving them without an essential commodity like water.
In India, several states (Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Maharastra) are up in arms against the multinational.Several official documents indicate the drastic reduction of water resources where the company is located, ending the water for consumption, personal hygiene and agriculture, livelihood of many families. In Kerala, in 2004, the Plachimada plant of Coca-Cola was forced to close after the city denied the renewal of its license accusing the Company of exhaust and contaminate your water. Months before the Supreme Court of Kerala ruled that the massive extraction of water by the Coca-Cola was illegal. Its closure was a big win for the community.
Similar cases also occurred in El Salvador and Chiapas, among others. In El Salvador, the Coca-Cola bottling plants have exhausted the water after extraction decades and contaminated aquifers to scrap the untreated water coming from the company's factories. The multinational has always refused to take responsibility for the impact of their practices. In Mexico, the Company has privatized many aquifers, leaving local communities without access to them, thanks to the unconditional support of the Government of Vicente Fox (2000-2006), former president of Coca-Cola of Mexico.
The impact of his secret formula on our health is also widely documented. Its high doses of sugar does not benefit us and convert them to "addicts" of his potion. And the use of aspartame, no-calorie sweetener substitute for sugar, under the Coca-Cola Zero is shown that consumed in high doses can be cancerous, as noted journalist Marie Monique Robin in his documentary "Our daily poison." In 2004, Britain's Coca-Cola was forced to withdraw after its launch, bottled water Desani, after having discovered its contents illegal levels of bromide, a substance that increases the risk of cancer. The company had to separate half a million bottles, of what was billed as "one of the purest waters of the market," although an article in The Grocer noted that their source was treated water from the taps of London.
The tentacles of Coca-Cola, anyway, are so great that in 2012, one of its directors, Àngela López de Sá, arrived at the direction of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety. What position will have, for example, the Agency over the use of aspartame when the company, which until a few days paid his salary as the current director, the systematic use?Conflict of interest? Already pointed out before with the case of Vicente Fox.
The brand that tells us sell happiness, breaks before nightmares. Coca-Cola is thus saith the ad. So it is and describe it. "
In Jundiaí - SP, is situated GREATER factory of Coca-Cola in the world.

Photo: Alexandre Machado
The prime location and good infrastructure Jundiaí were instrumental in the São Paulo city became the headquarters of the largest factory of Coca-Cola in the world in production volume. The unit has almost 180 000 square meters, employs more than 1,000 employees and produced 1.7 billion liters of beverages in 2013. The products coming out of there supply most of the state of São Paulo, including the capital, and part of Minas Gerais.Recently, the factory set up a giant vertical warehouse with 23 meters high, 100 wide and 75 deep. The structure is capable of storing four days of the production plant, which simplifies logistics and shortens the period of distribution. (Gabriel Castro, Jundiaí)
Suspected river diversion for Coca-Cola industry supply
There is an investigation of the Prosecutor of São Paulo that clears the diversion of a river to meet the factory.That's right, a river. The ability of this deviation is 500 liters per second. Making a quick calculation arrives at the amount 30,000 liters per minute, per hour and 1,800,000 43.2 million liters per day of water stolen.
The MP indicates that in the case of drought, this diverted volume of water cause serious risk water scarcity in the region.
Now we have the largest factory in the most popular beverage in the world that uses 3 liters of water for every 1 liter of black poison. I believe that this source of water company is overloaded and the drought is hurting the reserves below. I am not a geographer, but rationing on the direction of waters that flow into the sea, I believe that this can affect the Cantareira system.
At the calculation of MP, states that "drought time in more than 1 million people may run out of supplies water in Campinas ".

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