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A new and exciting theory to the possibility of ancient aliens and their past 

influence on human civilizations has been captivating many for years.  But 
what if the Ancient Alien theory has more to the story?  What if Ancient Aliens 
are not from distant planets, but rather, from a dormant neighbor that once 
held a civilization of ancient humans!

Building on Mars shows you an aerial view of an archaeological 

site on the surface of the Martian planet.  Many have suggested that this is 
simply a geological site that can be explained through natural means; 
however, it is safe to say it looks like many archaeological sites here on earth. 
Modern archeology has allowed us to learn that the greatest Earthly 
civilization emerged nearly 6,000 years ago, older than the Greeks, Incas and 
even the Mayans.

Building On MArs Ancient Civilization 

The people of this society were called Sumerian's, of the land of Sumer, 

located in the great plains between the Euphrates and Tigress Rivers, 

today's modern day Iraq.  Without the ability to have ground work 

(excavations) done on the planet Mars, it will  be uncertain if an ancient 
race once lived there.  Like the Sumerians, it was very difficult to determine 
the existence of this society  do to weather, new settlement of an area, 
and/or a total landscape change.

Nevertheless, it is clear that something once stood on the surface of Mars, 

but it will be sometime until we are able to analyse who the Martians were 

and where they went.  However, looking into Earth's history we are able to 
get a better understanding of what was happening to Mars and where the 
Martians went.

We ask, are humans from Mars and could humans be the ancient aliens 

many past civilizations mentioned?

Looking particularly at the Mayan account of Pakal, we see that some how he was perceived to have been a god of some 

sort.  When he left, he was depicted leaving on what looked to be like a spaceship.  So where did he go?  Perhaps the 
truth is more than we can handle, and we are the very Martians we are looking for!

Ascending beings have always been recorded in history but with no means of knowing where they came from.  Many 

would suggest that Mars once hosted a vibrant and habitable planet for Humans.  If a human population once existed on 
Mars then it would begin to explain many mysteries that reside here on Earth, but why would all the technology and 
advancements vanish when they moved to Earth?  

Theory Number 1: Are we genetically altered or created beings?

This has been a long standing theory when Martians and our history 

are talked about.  Could it be possible that we are created beings from 

a race of aliens that once lived on the Martian planet?  Observing the 
past orbits of our planets it could be possible that the Martian surface 
supported life and that this civilization created humans through genetic 

In this theory we ask, what happened to this advance race of aliens 

and why didn't they stay on earth if their planet was no longer 

habitable?  Obviously these are questions that will always elude us 
unless we find solid evidence in the form of artifacts and/or 
archaeological evidence on the planet Mars.  Perhaps an advance 
alien race found a more suitable planet elsewhere in the Milky Way 
Galaxy and they left our solar system.  Wherever they went, the 
mystery remains here on earth and all we can do is theorize about 
what happened.

Theory Number 2: Humans are from Mars

It has always been believed that if there was a race of aliens (Martians) 

on the planet Mars they would have been technologically advanced 
and superior than our current civilization; however, theory number two 
would suggest that Martians were at somewhat close to our modern 
age technology and knowledge.  This would make a mission to save 
their race from a dying planet very difficult in means of preserving 
everything they have amounted.  Picture a civilization with a 
technology like that of the 1960 space program.  Could such a 
civilization land on earth (where more humans could have existed) and 
re-establish a technologically advance civilization again?  Perhaps 
they did and our technological advancements have been knowledge 
that has once existed and we are once again beginning to perfect it.  

Our interest in Mars is one of "home sickness" and our desire to 

re-visit our past.  If we truly are "beings" that came from Mars long ago, 
then we are the descendants of the Martian people and going to Mars 
to seek our history becomes more than just a journey into the Solar 

System, but rather, our historic duty and obligation!

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